Lampada: Guidelines of Use and Privacy Policy

Shore School provides information systems to support the learning, teaching and operational needs of the School and for communication between members of the Shore Community. Use of these systems by staff and students is governed by School policy which is deemed to be accepted at login time. These guidelines are a summary of School policy that is primarily intended for Shore parents and guests, however they apply to anyone that uses Shore's systems.

Regardless of your relationship with Shore School, Shore's systems must only be used to support the learning, teaching and operational activities of Shore School. Take care when adding information to Shore's systems, in particular make sure that what you add isn't offensive, threatening, defamatory, racist, discriminatory or illegal. Inappropriate use of Shore's systems may result in the loss of access to them for the person or people responsible and in the event that the inappropriate use is illegal the matter will be referred to Police.

Staff, students and parents are issued with unique account credentials for system access, these are used to determine which information is accessible to the account holder. Any information that you contribute to Shore's systems may be available to other system users unless you take steps to deliberately restrict access.

Shore School continuously monitors the use of its systems to ensure that use complies with the above guidelines.  Information that you contribute to Shore's systems is identifiable to you along with the date and time of the contribution. Individual Lampada pages may be inspected for compliance with the above guidelines at any time.

For information on how Shore School uses and manages personal information, refer to Shore School's Privacy Policy.


Shore Staff forgotten / expired password reset facility

  1. Use any Internet-connected computer or phone, navigate to
  2. Enter your Shore username and select whether you want a reset code sent to you via an SMS or to an alternative email address.  For these options to work your mobile number or alternate email address must be on file in Synergetic.
  3. Reset your password.
  4. Once reset you will be able to login to Lampada and access eMail and MyFiles with the new password.

Please note that Shore issued staff laptops retain your previous password and this reset process is unable to change it.  When you next join the Shore network this retained password will automatically be changed to the new one.

For further assistance contact the ICT team on +61.2.9956.1197.